Honda CB 750 “Pearly Spencer”, a true Freddie Spencer classic superbike replica!

One of the coolest eighties superbike era motorcycles was without doubt Freddie Spencer’s Honda CB750F based superbike. We were so in love with this awesome piece of classic muscle bike machinery that we decided to build our own image of a true classic superbike.

Some background history: the Freddie Spencer Honda CB750F was a 1982 based CB750 with 17″ wheels, double disc setup, classic Bol d’or styled bodywork and besides the standard what you’d expect from a race bike setup: an engine that required some serious balls to race with.

We had the perfect donor bike: a Honda CB 750 from 1979 with full paperwork, excellent frame and engine and that stylish bodywork in marvellous paint finish: pearl white metallic paint. Hence, our “Pearly Spencer” idea was born.
We decided not to touch the paintwork and leave it as it is, since it makes the bike unique.

One of the most important goals on our custom motorcycle builds is: you must be able to ride it. Nothing so silly as a bike that looks the nuts, but even makes a ride around town a true hell. Not for us thank you, we deliver a bike that can be ridden like a modern bike: excellent suspension, brakes that actually do stop a bike and a handling that turns a bike as if it’s on rails.
This means some engineering from our side – think rake, angle, offset and trail – but at least we know where we want to go!

Not to let you wait any longer… here’s our Honda CB750 “Pearly Spencer”. Hope you’ll love it!

“This looks like a Honda CB750″ you might say? Well, it does, but this is not your standard Japanese classic. It passed through the First Notion workshop and enjoyed some serious modifications:

  • CB 750 ’79 engine and frame
    We decided to use the standard engine and frame. The engine received a classic overhaul (no tuning parts however, we want it to be reliable) and the frame got a classic check-up and clean-up.
  • CB 900 F Bol d’or ‘Pearl White’ bodywork
    Yes, the bodywork is not CB750 based, but the CB750 was never sold in Pearl White. We wanted a nice colour scheme and this was our main choice. We have to live with the CB900F stickers on the side panels but, well, who cares… We don’t!
  • 17″ wheels and modern road race tyres
    This bike has two wheels to keep you on the road. The rubber on it better be good, so we decided to go for a classic 17″ setup with excellent road race tyres. Think Freddie Spencer Superbike = this thing’s got rubber!
  • Double 310 mm discs with 4-piston Nissin callipers and steel brake hoses
    What’s a superbike if you can’t put it to a stop. Our bike runs a double disc setup, 310 mm discs with 4-piston Nissin callipers and steel braided brake hoses to close the circuit. This bike brakes, as it should!
  • K&N filters, fully adjusted carbs
    The carbs have been rebuilt (new jets) and some K&N filters were fitted for that extra air.
  • Marshall 4-1 exhaust
    Marshal… classic superbike… logical we think!
  • Alloy handlebar
    The standard heavyweight handlebar is replaced by a gun metal alloy handlebar. We also adjusted the offset by using other clamps and lowering the forks. Yes, this all has been tested, it’s not just for show!
  • Fournales rear shocks
    Fournales, french shock manufacturer since 1978 creates class A shocks for motorcycles. The shocks are of excellent built quality, unique – you don’t see them every day – and can be rebuilt.
  • Front fork with MUPO cartridge kit
    The front fork is rather limited. We decided to knock on our Italian Mupo friends their door and asked them to create a custom cartridge kit for our Honda CB750. The result is a fork with a classic look but a true modern handling underneath.
  • Digital dashboard with LEDs, shift light
    All this modern vs. classic madness made us decide to get rid of the classic clockwork. Yes, it is a long shot, but in the end we are very happy with the result: a digital dash with fully functional classic rpm gauge and clear LEDs showing you the status of your machine. The additional gizmo’s such as a speed limiter warning light, shift light and chrono come standard.
  • First Notion Parts
    The bike is loaded – literally loaded – with custom hand built stuff, from small alloy milled brackets to bushings, screws, titanium or alloy, wiring… In other words too much to summarize. Bottom line is, this a true one-off classic superbike.

To finalize: we are very happy to share you some footage of our Honda CB750 Pearly Spencer project bike:

For all enquiries or questions regarding this bike, please contact us.